Golic Goes to Town

I couldn’t pass up passing this along: this morning on Mike and Mike, Mike Golic went on an absolute rampage against Commissioner Selig for his non-reaction to Bonds record-tying homerun Saturday night, and just steamrolled Mike Greenberg when Greenie tried to defend the commissioner. I have said this before, but one of the interesting dynamics in the whole debate about performance enhancing drugs is the divide between athletes and former athletes on one side, and non athlete talking heads on the other. The athletes, as a group, appear to be much more forgiving on the topic as a whole, perhaps because they a) know how prevalent it’s always been and b) know how hard it is to be good (or great) regardless of what one puts in one’s body. In this light, Golic has been adamant in the past that the negative reaction to Bonds is just too much, and he really let loose today.

Here are some snippets from their exchange, beginning with a hypothetical Golic poses to Greenie:

Golic: “if Selig actually stayed to the end of the game and the pitcher Cliff Hensley, Clay Hensley, threw a no-hitter, the last pitch, he gets the last out, would Bud Selig have clapped?”

Greenie: “yes.”

Golic: “what happened to him?”

Greenie: “Clay Hensley tested positive for…”

Golic: “Clay Hensley tested positive for steroids in the minor leagues…he would have clapped. ”

Greenie: “I am not arguing he would have clapped.”

Golic: “If you’re against Barry Bonds, then just admit it, that’s all I am asking for out of the commissioner. Just admit it!”

After Greenie defends Selig, both for being there and for being unsure of what to do, Golic goes back on the offensive:

Golic: “act like the commissioner of baseball and acknowledge that the greatest record has just got tied. Give a couple of claps. It was embarassing, Greenie, it was embarassing.”

Greenie interjects that he probably would have had the same reaction.

Golic: “I disagree with his reaction, and I disagree with the way he’s been handling this whole thing.”

Golic then asks Greenie whether Paul Tagliabue (sic) would clap if Shawne Merriman broke Michael Strahan’s single season record for sacks, which leads to some cross-talk between Golic and Greenie and then Golic issues the following, classic, rant:

Golic: “I am so tired of the steroid thing. God, how many amphetamines were around baseball. Mike Schmidt came on Dan Patrick’s show and admitted he used Greenies. Do we think guys like Pete Rose may have done this? Would he have had as many hits if he couldn’t play on the next day, if he didn’t take the amphetamines. People laugh at that stuff. People laugh at the pitchers cutting the balls yet nobody wants to put an asterisk next to strikeouts or wins when the balls were doctored or people beaned (?) up on amphetamines to get through a double header and got some statistics that day and add that up over a period of years. Oh, no, no, no, steroids is the worst thing known to mankind. Listen, steroids is a bad thing. Performaning enhancing drugs are bad things. But people act like it’s the only thing that ever went on in sports. And every player, every athlete before the steroid era in their sport was pure and clean. Gang, wake up! It wasn’t.”

Finally, when Greenie tries to argue that this (the controversy) is not about Bonds, but rather the “enormous affection” that the nation has for Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron, Golic again vehemently disagrees, saying that this is about “the witch hunt” against Barry Bonds. Golic, after he calmed down said that he thought that Bonds “brought alot of this on himself” because of the way he’s acted toward the media and because of steroids (which, it’s safe to say, Golic assumes Bonds used).

But, there are few (if any) high-profile sports commentators who are this adamant in decrying the hyocrisy (for lack of a better word) that has suffused the Bonds homerun debate.

Just wanted to share.


19 Responses to “Golic Goes to Town”

  1. GrandNubian Says:

    Good stuff JDub. Thanks for sharing.

  2. J you are so true. I don’t always agree with Golic but he stepped up big time on this. He gets my claps.

  3. GrandNubian Says:

    I agree with you both (JDub & Mizzo). Golic definitely gets a “big ups” from me on this issue.

  4. at some point…People are going to start listening more to the people who PLAYED vs. the people who just write as far as actual on field player feelings and stuff.

  5. DW sure makes sense doesn’t it.

    What did Da Mayor say in Do the Right Thing?

    “Those who’ll tell don’t know. Those who know won’t tell.”

  6. Sometimes Greenie doesn’t have the sense God gave a billy goat:)

  7. Great post, J. It’s nice to know that there are other voices out there that are willing to speak against those that are just selling the same old bs…

  8. Good stuff, thanks for passing it on (I stopped listening to M&M a long time ago).

    Many other things make comparisons of current vs. former players something of a moot point. Did Hank Aaron have access to the same state of the art strength machines, nutritionists, trainers, physical therapy, etc. that Bonds does? Should we throw out today’s records because Gatorade has gotten better since its initial days when it made Florida players puke after drinking it?

    I have problems with performance-enhancing drugs, but as Golic says, let’s stop acting like Mickey Mantle, Pete Rose, and Willie Mays were clean as a whistle.

  9. I heard this this morning and I almost stood and applauded in my living room. Great stuff from Golic, that. Thanks for posting about it. Oh, BTW, the term “beaned up” comes from another slang term for greenies–“magic beans.”

  10. “You’re so wise. You’re like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair.” – Anchorman


  11. It’s about phukkin’ time. Golic sits next to that pansy every damn day and restrains himself from strangling that whiny little runt. The process of placing “others” on pedestals is part of the coping mechanism for personal inadequacy. Icon formation is the process by which the mind allows the person to adjust to their personal failings by making other humans into “gods.” Of course, these gods have to be perfect in order to retain their exalted status. The cats are really pathetic – across the board. I couldn’t spend more than 5 minutes with these cats without bein’ ’bout ret to whoop dat ass.

  12. #10 – Hilarious!!!!

  13. Pm

    Thanks for filling me in. One has to wonder whether Golic himself got “beaned up” during his playing days.

  14. Jweil-thanks for that post. Golic is sometimes on point. He’s absolutely right. No one mentioned that Ripken specifically singled out Brady Anderson as one of his great friends, among only a couple of his closest acquaintances in the bigs and that Brady went from 18-20 HRs or so (I don’t have his stats on hand) for quite a long time to hitting 50 one year. No mention of that anywhere, I don’t think, at least not that I saw. Again, Brady isn’t necessarily guilty, but to pin all the blame on Bonds is wrong. Golic seems to have some sense. I wish he’d exercise it a bit more.

  15. For what it’s worth (not very much), Mike and Mike were on Letterman last month and the show is being repeated tonight.

  16. From what I remember of their appearance on the show, they tut-tutted their way through responses to Letterman’s questions about Bonds’ pursuit of the record and didn’t offer any real insights about anything Dave wanted to know about.

  17. […] Golic Goes to Town I couldn’t pass up passing this along: this morning on Mike and Mike, Mike Golic went on an absolute rampage […] […]

  18. jweil, great post and I am glad to hear that some folks like Golic are talking sense.

    As to your pontificating about Golic beaning up, I have a pretty good feeling that EVERY lineman “beaned up” when he was playing (if not today). And it seems that there is definitely an athlete-talking head divide about this and so much other stuff.

  19. CJ Scudworth Says:

    It’s pretty interesting the dichotomy between ex-player and power-worshipping ass-clown media member on this. I did, however, hear Tim Kurkjian on ESPN radio 2-3 weeks ago say basically what Golic said: That cheating has been going on since the beginning of forever, and get over it. Golic gets extra points though for calling out Selig, that vile scumbag. (PTI did as well this week.)

    I still think most athletes in all sports are doing PEDs at this point, and that’s really the lasting lesson of the “steroid era.” We don’t know who’s clean and who’s on what, and we probably never will. And we’ll have to decide how much that bothers us…

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