Chris Webber’s Bada Bling for Charity

cwebb.jpgThe 2nd annual Bada Bling weekend for charity hosted by the Chris Webber Foundation in Las Vegas happened to be one of the most incredible weekends fit for royalty. From the cream 2008 Escalades that chauffeurred everyone in attendance to and from the airport, to the weekend’s swank highlight, The Soiree’, hosted by funny man Charlie Murphy, everything was top notch and white carpet tight. The weekend kicked off Friday evening with a charity poker tournament that included everyone from Rip Hamilton of the Detroit Pistons to last year’s winner Miss California, Tamiko Nash. Hip Hop poet Nas, comics Charlie Murphy and Marc Curry, boxer Zab Judah, model/actress Claudia Jordan and a bevy of athletes and entertainers rounded out those who chose to spectate and mingle with their celebrity peers. The night concluded with a sick welcoming party at club OPM. Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick the Ruler performed their all time classics with old school tracks spun by Biz Markie.

A celebrity golf outing started the second day of events. I can only imagine what affect the sweltering Vegas heat had on everyone’s golf swing. Lastly, the weekend concluded with The Soiree’. Charlie Murphy had everyone rolling with his straight forward routine and fellow comedian Marc Curry helped out with the auction which included everything from a dinner with Webber at his home in Atlanta or Detroit, to a 2008 All Star Game VIP package in New Orleans. Howard Hewit of Shalamar fame, Raphael Sadiqq, Lil’ Mo, Nas and the Isley Brothers all did their thing on stage. The night ended on a high note with Biz once again mixing the hottest tracks at the after party right next door. If you ever go to Vegas, Caesar’s does it right. Since every thing was happening in the hotel, I never had to leave. Great event and it was crazy having to come back to reality.

Olympic Gold Medalist, Jackie Joyner-Kersey:

MT: Jackie, what brings you here today?

JJK: Chris Webber. I’ve always admired him and the work he does with young people. I can relate because I do some of the same stuff in my hometown of East St. Louis. I know what it means to give back. It’s good to let the young people know and the community that someone out there cares. Chris doing this and bringing in all his fans is great.

MT: Being arguably the best female athlete of all time, what advice would you give to young women especially with the recent passing of the 35th anniversary of Title IX?

JJK: I would say that we should continue to work together and don’t be deterred. The obstacles are there before us. We really have to focus on what we can control and make sure we move ahead strongly and bring our fellow women along with us.

MT: What are you doing for yourself right now?

JJK: I do a lot of motivational talk. I have a center in East St. Louis. I also help my husband with some athletes that should be world champions this year as well as Olympic gold medalists.

Michigan State alum and NBA veteran, Mateen Cleaves:

MT: We spoke last year. I see you are back supporting that your boy from Michigan.

MC: Yeah, you gotta do it man. He’s bent over backwards to help so many people. Whatever he does, you have to make sure you drop everything and get there. Plus it’s for his foundation for the kids so that puts something extra on it.

MT: How’s the NBA trip?

MC: It’s been crazy! It’s a rollercoaster. You have your ups you have your downs. I wouldn’t change anything. I’m still at it.

Former boxing champion, Zab Judah:

MT: What brings you here besides the BHop/ Winky Wright fight Zab?

ZJ: I’m here for Chris. He’s a great dude. If I had to give a humanitarian award, I have to give it to him. He does a lot for kids. Good friend and a good brotha.

To read the entire story on SLAM online, click here.


26 Responses to “Chris Webber’s Bada Bling for Charity”

  1. Sweet Jones Says:

    I am not trying to take away from the beauty and positivity of the Webber weekend, but can someone who was there please confirm if Zab Judah and Floyd Mayweather had an altercation in a Vegas club.

    This continues to get repeated on multiple Hip Hop and boxing sites.

  2. Yeah there was an altercation Friday night, but it wasn’t much. It was more like their camps.

  3. Great piece Miz… I’ve been a C-Webb fan since his days @ Michigan. He’s another athlete that the MSM will not put in front of a camera because he’s too intellegent, too bright and too affable. I’m glad to see he’s remained above the fray and continues to to great things for the youngins…


  5. On it. Great work, Miz!

  6. C-Webb is one of my favorites. I like what he is doing in the community and it’s good to hear athletes talk about their peers. Much is written that is often bs and spin by some of these hating sports writers. It’s good to hear the truth. Good job Mizzo and I’m glad to see your on at Slam I guess now I’ll be resubscribing to the mag. Another great piece!!!!

  7. Chris is a good guy. I’ve always sort of thought he’s come up short as a player, and definitely relieved him and the Kings couldn’t beat my Lakers, but as a man, he’s always seemed to have the heart of an angel…..and I don’t mean that in a patronizing way. He seems to be a fantastic guy who’s smart and good and knows how to help other people, and he doesn’t seem to have an enemy. Anyway, big ups Chris. And great reporting Mizzo, you did your legwork there! (although as legwork goes, that ain’t a bad gig…..)

  8. Ossie Tillery Says:

    Another great job Mike!!


  9. Wow! Thanks Pop!

  10. The Truth Says:

    Yeah i was there like early in the party Zab beat Floyds wanna be gangsta ass why you think little Floyd dont show up in one picture since then cuz his face is cutup by Zab. HE even announce he figting Hatton the british boxer but he dont do one photo shoot cuz ZAB SPANKED THAT ASS thats why.

  11. […] Chris Webber’s Bada Bling for Charity ” The Starting Five … kicked off Friday evening with a charity poker tournament that included everyone … A celebrity golf outing started the second day of events. … […]

  12. Thanks for the post, i really enjoyed reading it..and had have bookmarked this blog for my future reading..i hope it’s not late for me to wish you a Happy New Year..;)

  13. Bud

    It’s surprising more people aren’t talking about this.good post.

  14. Bud,

    Chris has always cared about less fortunate children. I heard the event was fabulous and for a wonderful cause. Some athletes take pictures and write checks but Chris takes time and talks to kids as well as spending him money to help them.

  15. I must say C-Webb has demonstrated that he cares, but the AE for this event needs to make it clear that this is an adult affair also can the less fortunate wanna beeess please stay home with their tacky $10.99 dresses, this event was not in the hood, and no one wants to see your sagging boobs! If this keeps up Bada Bling will lose its elegance. We professionals paid for our expensive tickets, having the hook up should not work here. Floaters looking for the next hit, “groupies” please stay home, at the 2008 event, or I may have to call security!.

  16. […] does great work in the community and from everything I’ve read about him is an all-around great person. (I say that from my […]

  17. Lush_Us Lipps Says:

    Chris Webber is the best! Surely one of the greatest! Can’t wait until he hit’s Chicago!!!

  18. Five Star Says:

    OMG…… The C-Webb team left no stone unturned, this time around! Apparently, my message was read and heed was taken. Firstly! the dressess were fab……. There were a couple that stood out, a female that wore an all white dress and rocked it with a short platinum cut, another female that wore a gold gown she looked like a baller, she rocked a vintage side wrap, a bottle of Moet was sent to her table…… There should be a best dress male and female competition. Idris OMG, OMG………… This man is absolutly stunning, his suit “killer”. Gladys – No MISS GLADYS, What can anyone say! SHE KILLED IT…….. Her performance was second to NONE. ……… and last but in no way the least our host “HOTTTTTTT” Mr. Webber himself, KILLER smile, but I am not understanding your look at this event, on TNT you are HOTTTTTTTT at this event you were NOTTTT come on what are you doing to your self ” I need you to get Mr. HHHHHOOOOTTTTTTT get him BACK! You are Fab with KILLER suits on air (TNT) BRING SEXY BACK and that’s an ORDER…. Charming individual, we are optimistic that this event will continue to generate the finances that is needed for the charter schools he aspires. Loving this years team and Erica Bjork is definately a class act when it comes to her profession, heard her name mentioned alot for outstanding work for the event. Oh! not to end on a bad note but the men who were seated at TABLE # 36 TACKY……… WRONG EVENT this was not the fight at the MGM Grand. The female in the black open back $ 2.99 dress, getting the second at 1/2 price with that HORRIBLE tattoo down her back TABLE # 37 “NO, NO NO” just how did you gain entry into this event anyways, again TABLE #36 if your fat ass is hanging out of your pants its to DARN SMALL……. Darling you need to understand if you got a free ticket it really means that YOU cannot afford a dress or even a gown “sorry the gown thing is pushing it” MANI, PEDI, FACIAL, HAIR & MAKE-UP I mean the basics! but anywho darling “DO NOT ATTEND” under these conditions next year 2009 because SECURITY will definately be CALLED. RUTHIE, RUTHIE, RUTHIE, BOLDEN that is, I was tempted “SECURITY”, darling what was that!!!!!!!.
    Thank girls and guys see you next year 2009………

  19. Five Star Says:

    Mr. Webber sure knows how to do it; I had a great time. The service was impeccable. The pool party was on and popping, the club almost turned into a jump off {riot} with the bouncers being racist letting there own people in and neglecting those who should have guaranteed into club, from the bada bling party list, the dinner was the bomb, Gladys Knight was off the chain, the host with the most cwebb was over extending as always, will do it all again for 2009.

  20. I have to agree with 5 star, I witnessed it all.

  21. I’ve always like Chris Webber, from day one @ Michigan. He’s a classy guy. His heart is in the right place. A millionaire who cares about the youth, giving back is where it’s at. Someone please inform Mr. Webber, that the youth in D.C. need a charity affair- uplift, as well. He can reach me@ 240-381-2459.

  22. Just wanted to read about Webb again. I so miss him on the court.

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