Friday Fire: NBA Draft

Which NBA teams are the big winners from last night’s draft? The big losers?


28 Responses to “Friday Fire: NBA Draft”

  1. I think Seattle & Portland are the no brainer choices.

    They got a lot younger QUICKLY. I presume there will be cap room on the way with Wally coming, and I cannot imagine Durant NOT being as advertised.

    Same goes for Portland.

    Ill be catching BOTH teams when they come to Dallas…

    Speaking about Dallas copping R.Terry from the Magic for one of the Euro Stiffs? Good move for them. I think Terry plays good minutes THIS year.

  2. The Snickerbockers did well for themselves as well. There aren’t too many 23 and 10 guys in this league.

  3. The Knicks. Good god was that trade impressive. Was there a reason Portland agreed other than really, really wanting to dump Randolph?

  4. 1. Portland. And when they dump Stevie
    and D-Miles, they transformation will
    be complete.

    2. Atlanta. Dang, Billy Knight acted
    like a real GM last night. Who knew?

    3. Chicago. Joakim Noah and Aaron
    Gray. Gray will be this year’s Paul


    1. Detroit. With no low post threat,
    it makes perfect sense to draft
    THREE wingman. They’re starting to
    look like B-More’s Dunbar HS team
    of 1983.

    2. Houston. How does this help Yao
    and T-Mac? A shoot-first PG, the
    rookie version of Chuck Hayes, and
    an Austrailian. Grrrreat job.

    3. Miami. Could someone take this
    team from Pat Riley? What is he
    doing to help D-Wade?

  5. Winners: Portland, for getting Oden and five other picks that might shake out.
    Seattle for Durant and fleecing Danny Ainge on Ray Allen.
    Atlanta for Billy Knight finally doing the right thing.
    New York on Randolph alone.
    Chicago — Noah is a player Skiles will love, plus, if any coach can make Aaron Gray bust his ass every play, it’ll be Skiles.
    Golden State – they stole Brandan Wright and everyone seems to be high on Belinelli.

    Losers: Boston. Ainge got hosed, again.
    Milwaukee. Drafting Yi was a stupid move.
    None of Houston’s moves help their team as it stands, and neither do Miami’s.
    Sacramento won’t be sniffing the playoffs any time soon with Spencer Hawes — the man’s softer than Kleenex. A younger version of Aaron Gray.

  6. Biggest losers? The Lakers. With our inept FO, we’re gonna be a lottery team for years to come.

  7. And noooowwwww, starting in the backcourt for youuuuuuur Boston Celtics – it’s Allan Ray Allen.

  8. I liked Seattle Portland & Atlanta like everyone else.

    I also liked the Bobcats moves, adding J-Rich (face it , they needed a veteran) and Dudley is gonna be nice. Now they need to re-sign Gerald Wallace.

    Did not like the Lakers and Sacramento. Lakers really needed to make something happen and didn’t.

    One thing to remember about the Knicks, this should really help them in the short term but Randolph has 5 years and 61 million coming to him. Add that to all the other salaries and Isiah is running up one hell of a credit card bill. But Randolph instantly makes them contenders in the East.

  9. Is there any way that the Zach Randolph trade can position the Knicks to get Garnett?

  10. I’m wondering what the heck is going on in Milwaukee???

  11. Portland looks to be on their way back to the top of the Pacific division to battle with the Suns. Sac town is in big trouble. I don’t know what Petrie is thinking the center they drafted dooes not look NBA ready. They haven’t been any good since they traded C-webb. The Lakers did nothing to make Kobe happy, it’s going to get ugly out there real quick. As for Philly I guess he who laughs last laughs the loudest cause their draft was terrible and I bet A.I. chuckle is echoing all over the Colorado mountains!!!!

  12. Detroit’s post play is not what bounced them out of the playoffs early, it was their guard play. A rookie point guard killed them and their ponit guard had more turn overs then he did assist. It was bad coaching and the lack of playing in the post that caused them the series. Clevland had noone to guard Sheed or C-webb in the post Flip should have gone to them more down low. They are also big men that can handle the ball and Flip should have run the offense more through them.

  13. I REALLY didn’t like the trade of Zach Randolph for Portland. And not because of the fact that they traded a 24/10 guy, I think they needed to jettison him and go younger…but Channing Frye and Francis? That’s all they could get? I think, as Bill Simmons said in his column, they rushed it and decided they didnt want Oden ever to even meet Zach Randolph. There’s no reason to think they couldn’t have gotten a guy like Hinrich or Nocioni, or maybe a Luke Walton for him. They could’ve gotten a VASTLY better player than a brittle, no defense, unproven player like Frye (who has had approximately 2 good months in the NBA), and Francis’ huge contract (which i guess they’ll buy out). I look at their team next year and with the things they have I ask: who’s going to score? Is Roy ready to put in 25/game…can Oden or Aldridge put in 15? They needed another guy who could put in 15-18, play solid defense, and PASS, but they got rid of their 24/10 guy for virtually nothing. Really thought that was a ludicrous move…..for Portland.

  14. Living in Los Angeles, Lakers did atrocious. I like Critt, but he’s not ready yet and while he’ll turn into a big time player, it’s another player that isn’t ready to play. Trade Kobe to the Knicks already, who have assets galore.

    Clippers also did poorly. Jared Jordan won’t make an NBA team, he’s too small and slow. Thornton is a poor pick unless they trade Maggette. Yes, Thornton is ready to play right now, but he’s also 24 years old. So if you don’t trade Maggette, then you have this instant impact guy playing 15 minutes a night? Waste. If they trade Maggette for Point Guard help (Ridnour?) then I love this move. If Maggette is still there all season (he has an opt out) it’s horrendous.

    Portland is a winner on Greg Oden and Greg Oden alone. Most of those other guys are throwaways. Frye stinks and is soft.

  15. Cornelius Says:

    From a business standpoint I think Milwaukee was smart. I don’t see Yi going back to China. He backtracked a lot last night, saying he never said he didn’t want to play there.

    If he plays for the Bucks, they can add whatever percentage of 1.3 billion like basketball, to their paraphanelia sales. This will put the Bucks on the map from a marketing standpoint.

    Now being someone who is familiar with Milwaukee, I feel for him for sure. It can’t be pleasing their fan base to have to learn about this guy. In all honesty, though, a larger part of that city is more cosmipolitan (?) than they get credit for. Not all cheese and beer.

    I’m not the right guy

  16. Cornelius Says:

    Sorry, I was going to say I’m not the right guy to judge the basketball ramification of having Yi on the Bucks.

  17. TheLastPoet Says:

    Strangely enough, I like what Portland did – but only if they keep Francis. I’m one of the few people left who thinks he can still play. Besides, Portland needs a scorer, so let Roy handle the ball, and let Stevie shoot it.

    My Knicks did well, too. Randolph is beasty, and fills a need. If Zeke can get everyone to play as a team, I don’t see why we shouldn’t be greatly improved.

    I think the trade between GS and CHA helped both teams. CHA was in desperate need of scoring (since Morrison is a bust) and Richardson fills that need. They must resign Wallace, though, to make it complete. And GS needed more size to go along with their abundant versatility. Wright fits the bill. Now they need to resign either Barnes or Pietrus to make it complete.

    Lastly, I think it was a risky move, but in a mostly good way, to turn over the Sonics to young Durant. Sort of like what both CLE, DEN, and to a lesser extent MIA did when their respective superstars arrived in ’03. But are there enough vets remaining in SEA to help nurture and protect the young fella as he matures into That Dude?

    So who are the losers? The list starts with LAL and MIN and their two superstars KB and KG, plus the two teams those cats were supposedly headed to, CHI and PHE. The Lakers are dead in the water. How can you even trade the flotsam they picked up in the draft? We’re about to see how far Mamba is really willing to take all this trade me talk. MIN actually had deals on the table and couldn’t get it done. Brewer aint gonna doe shid to change the culture up there. As for CHI and PHE, even if Noah is good enough to replace Wallace as everyone says, but which remains to be proven, they have not addressed any of their needs. And one year from now, we will still be talking about how Nash, Amare, and Shawn still couldn’t get over the Santone hump. They really needed to do something to address their size, defensive, and chemistry deficiencies.

    Everyone else is fair to middling. The Sixers fucked up bad, but AI is gone, so who cares? (sorry Mike T!) Ole Jesus Shuttlesworth is no longer capable of walking on water in his new home on the Atlantic, but he can still help the Celts to tread it for a year or two. The Hawks finally drafted well, but at a time when they could really use some vets instead of more draft picks. And the Bucks fucked up with “Eeee” but it doesn’t matter cuz dude got bust written right on his forehead anyway. Shid, a Wang Zhi Zhi who can run and dunk is not a significant improvement over any other Wang Zhi Zhi, including the original one.

    The most exciting thing about this draft still hasn’t happened yet: where are KB and KG going, dammit! That’s still the question of the day.

    Thanx for reading, yall.

  18. Cleveland. They can’t keep both Sasha and Anderson, and needed an infusion of young talent to replace the people they’ll soon lose.

  19. Channing Frye was a brilliant move. He’s a big athletic guy, with offensive skills and is decent on the glass. He’ll basically be the 3rd man behind Oden and Aldridge. He’s not as good defensively as either of them, but is significantly better offensively. It’ll be like a big man version of Detroit’s Isiah-Dumars-Microwave rotation.

  20. Poet–

    it’s tough to call the bulls a loser, i think. sure, noah doesn’t fill the need for a low-post threat, but look at steven a’s comments after the bulls made that pick: he slams the pick, saying the bulls didn’t fill a need, but he didn’t have a suggestion for whom they should have added, either. the treason is not that smith is a poor journalist, which that assclown bill simmons insinuated, its that there was no one available at nine that met that need. there were really only three players–durant, oden, and horford, maybe four if you count thornton, in this draft that might meet that need. thornton was the only one available for the bulls at nine and pax made it pretty clear during the week that thornton was pretty far down the board for the bulls. i think the bulls got the best player for their team at nine and i think the rebounding presence he brings could (and that’s a mighty big could) make ben wallace a nice slary cap match in a trade that could net a low-post scorer.

  21. sorry, that should read “reason” not “treason.” all apologies.

  22. As I watch my Lakers miss out on every possible trade opportunity that would take them to the next level because they don’t have enough talent on the team in which to make the trades, I am absolutely convinced that Chicago’s pick of Noah was a very good one. They got a very talented player and come midseason, as they get a handle on where the need improvement and players become available, I guarantee they’ll make a move made possible by the abundance of talent, including Noah, they’ve stockpiled.

  23. The Lakers have been dead in the water since West left, they and we just didn’t know it. They’ve been dead in the water since Dr Buss decided that he’d allow nepotism instead of ability determine who would make basketball decisions. And now their meal ticket wants to go somewhere else. Well, Jimmy Buss has a mancrush on Andrew Bynum and because if this we’re unwilling to make the trade we should, LO/Bynum for J. O’neal. We’re in for a long hard road. I hope Kobe finds a good situation for himself.

  24. KD Keep hope aliiive brotha!

    It’s not over until it’s over.

  25. Please explain to me how Bynum and Odom for JO would make the Lakers a better team. This is the Western Conference. Even if JO stayed healthy (chance) it would just make the Lakers into Houston with less peripheral talent. And we see how far they got. Now maybe if Granger were part of the deal…

  26. Diggi:

    JO is a MUCH better basketball player than LO on both ends of the court. Bynum is a virtual non-contributer.

    With the team is it stands we have a great #1 scorer, two #3 scorers in LO and Vlad, a great post defender in Kwame and a great perimeter defender in Kobe. That’s about IT.

    With JO instead of LO, we’d have a legitimate #1, #2 and #3 scorer, a great post defender, a great perimeter defender and a great help defender and shot blocker in JO.

    If you don’t see how that makes us MUCH better, then I really can’t help you.

    MT, I’ve run this over in my mind too many times to count. The FO is in shambles and it’s not going to get any better. We’re afraid to make a move and we have absolutely no direction.

  27. MT:

    Just caught some footage of J-Critt online. Dude looks like a serious player. Honestly he looks like he’s better than any guard we’ve had not named Kobe since Eddie Johnson left. I don’t follow college ball much, but I’m trying to figure out why he was available at the 19 spot.

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