NBA Draft Night, 2007: Every Pick, Every Team


1. Portland: Greg Oden, Ohio State. Raef LaFrentz, Jamaal Magloire, Luke Schenscher, and Joel Przybilla are officially on notice. I say Przybilla stays. Just more chips for the Blazers to play with.

2. Seattle: Kevin Durant, Texas. Will Rashard Lewis be on the move now? Nick Collison? Chips, baby, chips. Also: Ray Allen to Boston for #5 pick (Cees will take Jeff Green and send him to Seattle) Delonte West and Wally World to Seattle, too. DAMN! The Sonics are doin’ thangs!

3. Atlanta: Al Horford, Florida. Al’s cool, no, he’s potentially a monster, but the Hawks better know they can get Acie Law at #11. Now, who is moving from the Ha

4. Memphis: Mike Conley, Ohio State. Damon Stoudemire of the 21st century. Light in the behind, will be posted up like what – and he can’t shoot (yet). They say he reminds people of Tony Parker, not at 6’1″.

5. Boston: Jeff Green, Georgetown. Andy Katz says the trade is on (see Seattle’s pick above)! Jeff Green and Kevin Durant! Two young cats who can pass, shoot, rebound, play defense – and are smart. That means many late nights for me. J. Green is my favorite player in the draft. Nice move by Danny Ainge. Up South got a palatable black dude in 32-year old Allen to go with Ray Allen, Boston might have elevated to somewhere between the #5 and #8 seed in the ‘offs next season – and Danny Ainge save his ass.

6. Milwaukee: Yi Jianlian, China. Oh, oh. Can you say 1.3 billion pissed off people (please don’t all jump up and down in disgust at once because of this pick!). There’s going to be some serious detente goin’ down in Wisconsin – Say cheese, Yi!

From the Comments… Davey Wayne says: “I saw how Yi reacted. His People said they didn’t wanna go to Milwaukee cause they didnt have a large Asian/Chinese population.”

From the Comments… Kolsky Says: “BTW Milwaukee is completely stupid if they don’t draft Corey Brewer…”

7. Minnesota: Corey Brewer, Florida. I was typing this before the Commish said it. Okay nice pick. But does it help Minny now? Yes and no. Brewer is much like Josh Howard and will be a star, believe it. Noah to the Bulls? Kolsky, does this make Kevin McHale smart?

8. Charlotte: Brandan Wright, North Carolina. Hmmmm, a MJ special pick? Once this fella fills out a little bit, he is might just be the steal of the draft. Now, what moves will the Bobcats make to get to the ‘offs?

9. Chicago: Joakim Noah, Florida. TOLD YOU. What, Ryan McNeill! I told anyone who would listen this is the player for the Bulls – hey, it’s probably the only pick I got right  in my mock picks! He loves defense and he loves to board, which will make Scott Skiles love him. His offensive game will improve to the point that Ben Wallace will be expendable in 2008-09. The three main Gators go in the top nine.

10. Sacramento: Spencer Hawes, Washington. I don’t know. He’s really nice around the rim, but he doesn’t play defense, he’s slow, he can’t jump. And “Big Baby” isn’t as good as Hawes? Sounds like a second round pick to me…. but you can’t teach 7’1″.

11. Atlanta: Acie Law IV, Texas A&M. Now the Hawks’ draft is nice. Acie carried the Aggies, and anybody who can carry a big-time team in a big-time conference is worthy of being picked in the first round.

From the Comments, Fashion talk… Mizzo: “Hawk Jerseys are sweet.Kolsky: “the hawk jerseys are so NOT sweet.”

Man purses for you two?

12. Philadelphia: Thaddeus Young, Georgia Tech. Wow, are the Sixers reachin’? He has talent, but can he play in the paint? If he was a Euro-dude, this would be a great pick, based on potential alone, but….? GM Billy King’s backside is on the line.

From the Comments… Mizzo says: “Thaddeus better work on his upper body strength. He’s another wide eyed talent. I hope he pays off. I wanted Wright or Thornton.”

13. New Orleans: Julian Wright, Kansas. Wright is a player, period. But he’s young, young, young. Al Thornton, Glen Davis? Are you serious? Wright is the Tyrus Thomas of this year’s draft.

14. L.A. Clippers: Al Thornton, Florida State. The Clips have a big small forward monster to go with Elton Brand and Chris Kaman. This is a really good pick for the other L.A. team – now they need a PG.

15. Detroit (from Orl.): Rodney Stuckey, Eastern Washington. Another “I told you so” special from me. This is the big PG the Pistons needed to replace Chauncey Billups (now why didn’t the Clips get him?). I saw Stuckey a couple of times late night and he’s good, really good. ESPN folks a re calling him a “poor man’s Dwayne Wade.” Stuckey will learn a great deal from Billups – if he stays in De Trois.

16. Washington: Nick Young, Southern California. DeShawn Stevenson is officially on trade watch, if not before the season begins, certainly before the All-Star break. Now, the thing is, the Wizards needed a big man – BIG BABY???!

Ric Bucher reports, Zach Randolph, Dan Diackau, Fred Jones (Portland) for Steve Francis and Channing Frye. Now Isiah just made a beautiful trade. Stevie, “I Broke the Franchise” and his contract is gone and the Knicks got an auto 20 and 10 from Z-Bo plus a younger and more athletic Francis in Jones.

17. New Jersey: Sean Williams Boston College. The other big man the Wizards should have taken. This dude is a B-E-A-S-T! He did his rehab at John Lucas’ spot, so if he’s cooled out on the chronic —— watch out NBA. Is Sean Williams the new Kenyon Martin?

18. Golden State: Marco Belinelli, Italy. The international peeps say he’s good, really good At 6’5″ and 21 years old with five years of Italian League ball under his belt, 6’5″ Belinelli will fit right in with Nellie ball.

19. L.A. Lakers: Javaris Crittenton, Georgia Tech. The Lakes are on franchise suicide watch. Shaq gone, Kobe pissed. But Crittenton might be the PG Phil has been looking for. He’s a big guard (6’4″) and a strong guard. He has much to learn, but if he practices as hard as Kobe Bryant and lays off the video game and porn (Phil said that’s what the young Lakers love most), he’ll be cool.

RUMOR (NBA TV): Orlando gets Rashard Lewis? With Fran Vasquez coming to Orlando, what happens to Darko Milicic?

20. Miami Heat: Jason Smith, Colorado State. This is the big man Sacto needed to take instead of Spencer Hawes. He’ll learn the hard way from Shaq and maybe Alonzo Mourning, too. Hopefully the bumps and bruises he’ll incur from the preseason will translate to productivity during the regular season.

STUPID: Way to go Jim Gray. Asking Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak to talk about a trade for KG which is against NBA rules is about the most asinine thing he could have asked, but that’s Gray for you.

21. Philadelphia (from Den.): Daequan Cook, Ohio State. Cook to Miami, Jason Smith to the Sixers and cash. Jeez, that was a waste for Miami, but Cook is a bad young man. He’s 6’6″ and really strong. Except for his attitude, he’s a rich man’s Dwayne Wade. If any coach and any team can help Daequan see the light, it’s the Heat organization. And in Smith, Philadelphia got a great big man prospect.

From the Comments… Mizzo: “Philly sucks. Why not Big Baby there? Who the hell is Jason Smith? Philly kills me with these tryin to put people in the stands picks that they pull off year in and year out.”

22. Charlotte (from Toronto): Jared Dudley, Boston College. Dudley can play, but I swear he’s trade bait. Brandan Wright, Sean May leave Dudley little room on the Bobcats’ roster even if they Bobcats do get rid of some forwards. Maybe Gerald Wallace is gone?

23. New York Knicks (from Chi.): Wilson Chandler, DePaul. Chandler knew something because he showed up in New York with no fanfare and ended up a first round pick. He might be a good player but, other than being athletic how does he fit with Ronaldo Balkman and David Lee?

24. Phoenix (from Cleve.): Rudy Fernandez, Spain. Ric Bucher says Portland is buying this pick from Phoenix for $3M. Fernandez is 22 years old. And a buyout is in order with Fernandez’s Euro team, so the Blazers might not see him for a year or so. This means the Suns will be doing some serious sailing on the trade winds this summer.

25. Utah: Morris Almond, Rice. Almond is a pure scorer. ESPN’s Jay Bilas says he’s not a great defender, but he will be after Jerry Sloan gets through with him. But. Ronnie Brewer, Gordon Giricek, Matt Harpring, and C.J. Miles are all ahead of Almond. Is one of them gone, or is Morris going elsewhere?

From the Comments… Cornelius: “is he from the same family as morris chestnut?”
Whew, it’s a good thing Cornelius didn’t say chin nuts!

26. Houston: Aaron Brooks, Oregon. This is the small guard who should have gone in the lottery, not Mike Conley. Brooks, like Acie Law, carried his team and nobody, nobody stopped Brooks. Rafer Alston can go bye-bye.

RUMOR: Andy Katz says, Yi Jianlian might not show up in Milwaukee for his Bucks intro. You know what, Yi, just because Eli Manning pulled this crap with the NFL doesn’t mean you can do the same in the Lig. AYo Yi’s handlers, y’all need to talk to William Wesley and let him hook up your boy.

27. Detroit: Aaron Afflalo, UCLA. Wow, the San Antonio spurs might be really pissed off at Joe Dumars right now. Afflalo probably would have been Bruce Bowen’s understudy. As it stands. Afflalo is a clutch offensive player and a better defender than he’s given credit for (Jay Bilas). However, with Rodney Stuckey already in Detroit maybe Afflalo will end up on the Riverwalk, after all.

28. San Antonio: Tiago Splitter, Brazil. I’ve heard everything from Splitter is the next Ginobili/Oberto to he’s the next Euro-stiff. Splitter’s buyout is astronomical so he won’t be with the Spurs this season, but I bet he arrives in the future just in time to make the Spurs a younger, more athletic team that stays a nose ahead of all those Western Conference teams that will be breathing down the Spurs’ necks.

29. Phoenix: Alando Tucker, Wisconsin. Ahhh, the other big guard the Spurs could have taken. Tucker can learn under Mr. Anger Management Raja Bell. Alando is a better offensive player than Bell was when he came into the league and will make Bell expendable next season.

30. Philadelphia (from Dal.): Petteri Koponen, Finland. I don’t know crap about this guy. He’s 6’4″. Fran Fraschilla says he’s like a high school All-American and will stay in Europe. So why pick this guy?

From the Comments…. Cornelius: “They play basketball in Finland?”


31. Seattle: Carl Landry, Purdue. NDBL-bound.

32. Boston: Gabe Pruitt, Southern California. Better PG than the experts think. Remember, Pruitt was USC’s emergency PG.

33. San Antonio: Marcus Williams, Arizona. The Spurs take a chance. Williams showed he was really immature under Lute Olsen.

34. Dallas: Nick Fazekas, Nevada. Softy.

35. Boston (from Sea.): Glen Davis, LSU. It’s about time! Enjoy your stay Up South, you’ll feel right at home, Glen.

36. Golden State: Jermareo Davidson, Alabama. Another Mikki Moore.

37. Portland: Josh McRoberts, Duke. Ack! He’s such a whiner and he’s as soft as they come. But he played summer ball with Greg Oden and flourished, so maybe there’s hope for him, after all.

38. Philadelphia: Kyrylo Fesenko, Ukraine. 7’1″, supposed to have good potential and an attitude. Matbe he turns out good, maybe not. Whatever.

39. Miami: Stanko Barac, Croatia. 7’2″ perimeter player. He’ll stay in Europe.

40. Los Angeles Lakers: Sun Yue, China. Fran F. says, Chinese Toni Kukoc?

41. Minnesota: Chris Richard, Florida. Might be a sleeper for a 2nd-rounder.

Charlotte trades Brandan Wright to Golden State for Jermareo Davidson and Jason Richardson.

42. Portland (from Ind.): Derrick Byars, Vanderbilt. Serious sleeper.

43. New Orleans: Adam Halusk, Iowa. Banger.

44. Orlando: Reyshawn Terry, North Carolina. Might play in the Lig – soon.

45. L.A. Clippers: Jared Jordan, Marist. Little dude, but he can play. But can he play in the NBA? As Jat Bilas said, “he’s 6’1″ but he has 6’0″ arms.”

46. Golden State: Stephane Lasme, UMass. A-10 POY.

47. Washington: Dominic McGuire, Fresno State. 6’8″, 210. I have no clue about this guy. Ahhh, here we go. He’s a good rebounder (9.8 rpg) and averaged 13.2 ppg as a junior for the Bulldogs last season.
48. L.A. Lakers: Marc Gasol, Spain. Weak pick. News is, he’s a head case living off his bro’s name and game.

49. Chicago (from G.S.): Aaron Gray, Pittsburgh. He played some good games for Pitt and some bad games for Pitt, but he’s 7′ tall.

50. Dallas (from Mia.): Renaldis Seibutis, Lithuania. Project, at best.

51. Chicago (from Den.): JamesOn Curry, Oklahoma State: He’s going to play somewhere. He’s a deadly shooter.

52. Portland (from Tor.): Taurean Green, Florida. The last of the Gators. He was Florida’s leading scorer (13.3) and is a really solid PG. He might spend some time in Europe, but I think he can play in the Lig.

53. Portland (from Chi.) : Demetris Nichols, Syracuse. I’m surprised he lasted this long. He’s a good shooter and might stick with Portland.

54. Houston (from Cle.): Brad Newley, Australia. 6’6″ Aussie. Australian League hoops isn’t nearly as good as Euro-ball, so that tells you something.

55. Utah: Herbert Hill, Providence. Comes to work every game.

56. Milwaukee (from Hou.): Ramon Sessions, Nevada. Should have stayed in school.

57. Detroit: Sammy Mejia, DePaul. another PG for the Pistons.

58. San Antonio: Giorgis Printezis, Greece. 6’9″ Bruiser.

59. Phoenix: D. J. Strawberry, Maryland. D.J. can really play defense, like lockdown D. I really feel he’ll make some NBA team.

60. Dallas: Milovan Rakovic, Serbia. Strong, athletic – another bruiser. Will play in Europe again next season.

Curious. When I began typing this evening, my computer froze. When finishing Rakovic, my computer froze. But. There, I did it. Every pick from beginning to end. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented. Maybe we’ll all be able to be in New York next year.

I’m out.


100 Responses to “NBA Draft Night, 2007: Every Pick, Every Team”

  1. I remember when I was in school, walking up the yard and seeing about a thousand smoked Black ‘N Mild butts on the ground on saturday morning:) D-Wil, you serving Crown or Henn tonight?

  2. Alize for the women – but only E&J for the fellas (sorry, gotta save somehow!).

  3. …unfortunately it’s it’s BYOVSOP, but we can marinate… Since I’m already up here in B-town, Vt., I’ll even invite Buster and see if he wants to visit home for a minute.

  4. E&J? You really don’t have any regard for your digestive track do you? lol But I guess you gotta make it work. I’ll stop by with some Green Apple Smirnoff.

  5. I’ll check in every so often with a bottle of Jameson. E&J and I aren’t really friendly any more.

  6. S2N-
    I feel you on the E&J tip… I’ll be workin’ so I can’t party, but hey what’s a good host for if he’s not attentive to his guests?… but I gotta ask, Jameson? It’s a little warm for Irish coffees, even in Vermont…. no Maker’s Mark?

  7. Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is.

    *slides some Booker’s for those who need to get down like that.*

    Up your bourbon game, gentlemen.

  8. DP-
    I’m on the straight ‘ade tonight, myself… and I can’t afford more than what I offered to supply, that’s why BYOC (Comments) or BYOB is cool with me…

  9. Gentlemen,

    The drink that I drink is
    called O.E., and I wear my glasses
    so I can see 🙂

  10. D.P.,

    And I get more props and stunts
    than Bruce Willis.

  11. Des-
    You know….!

  12. Fellas I’ll have DWYCK in my head all day now.

  13. mizzo-
    …more uncontrollable laughing form the peanut gallery.

  14. mizzo,

    And after the draft quits, I’ll
    come back with more hits…

    I could do this all day…

  15. Not Irish coffee, D, Irish car bombs. I’ll bring the Guinness and the Bailey’s too. Atlanta and Boston fans are gonna need ’em both. I’ll be watching the carnage from work and laughing at everyone else since Denver doesn’t have any picks this year.

  16. S2N-
    Didn’t know about and Irish Car Bomb (damn, what a name)…. since no black free agents want to play for the Cees are they going to shock the world and take Nick Fazekas? Just kidding overly-sensitive white folks, just kidding!

  17. *turns STF upside down and shakes it for the insightful column about “Black folk not wanting to play in Boston” to fall out*

    Damn…Ill just have to wait.

  18. Bob Ryan did a whole column on why stars don’t want to come to Boston and didn’t mention race once.

    I mean how can you do a column on it and not bring it up? But a whole paragraph on the weather? Is he being naive or covering up?

  19. Cornelius Says:

    I’m going to vote for that column as well. The Bill Russell quote summed up what I had always thought about that town.

  20. So I know I’m a little late to the party, but I happened to notice you were one “follow me” short of “don’t lose your step.” (count ’em – follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me, but don’t lose your step…) And nice pull on “Cordozar.” And when do we get to the “blow an ounce to this” part? Okay, maybe i’m taking the whole Snoop thing too seriously… Can I just say as a white dude [born in Brookline, Mass, no less] that I’m not sure why it’s a revelation every time somebody black brings up that Boston is perceived as racist? I mean, have we not heard this before? Why are we surprised? Isn’t it possible that perception after perception after perception (ad nauseum) is at least a fair representation of reality? Maybe Boston is a little racist… although maybe I should just shut up, white as I am…

  21. Kolsky-
    no worries about Calvin and “follow me.” As Russ said a loooong time ago, “I represent the Celtics, not the city of Boston.”

  22. Let the record show that DP and DaveyWayne are, in fact, the same person…

    so this is where the party is @

    Ray Allen to Boston for a lottery pick??? they must WANT to fail.

    I still say if Boston wasnt prone to pulling stunts like ^^^^^

    People MIGHT wanna play there.

  23. we’ll see what happens… like i said, RUMOR – for now.

  24. even if it doesnt happen…they have been run like enron since Len Bias died

  25. Cornelius Says:

    You can trade a pick for cash? Really? Does that give cap relief, or is it a straight gimme cash deal?

  26. hmmmm, good question – any answers out there?

  27. My understanding is that it gives cap relief to the extent that you don’t need to sign the draft pick to the pre-determined value for that draft position.

  28. It doesnt give a whole cap relief, it just frees you up from HAVING to draft someone and pay them anything. you dont have to worry about signing some kid…

    Orlando is AWASH in kids…why bother drafting someone.

  29. Cornelius Says:

    I don’t like this trade a pick for cash, thing. The NFL had the right idea in my opinion when they stopped the trades for future considerations. It took the business BS side out of that equation at the least. I would love to see the NBA clean things up so there aren’t trades for reasons of cap relief. Couldn’t they just trade the second rounder for a second rounder next year?

    The NBA trading system is way too convaluted(?) for my taste.

  30. Cornelius,

    I dont think the numbers are big enough to warrant that.

    youre talking about a couple of hundred thousand dollars. Chump change in the scheme of things.

  31. Cornelius Says:

    Was anyone else shocked by the first two picks?

  32. Cornelius Says:


    I’m confused. Warrant what exactly?

  33. Cornelius Says:

    Durant is a forward. Green is a forward. And isn’t Lewis a forward? Am I just basketball deficient, or are these strange moves for Seattle?

  34. Lewis’ contract is up. And Green could play the 2 or 3, Durant 3 or 4 – an exciting combo if you ask me.

  35. Cornelius Says:

    I’m just assuming that they’ll resign Lewis now that Allen is gone. Otherwise, what vets do they have?

  36. BTW Milwaukee is completely stupid if they don’t draft Corey Brewer

  37. Cornelius Says:

    What was Yi’s reaction? Stevie Francis type mood, maybe? I’m dying to know how he looked when it went down. He’s in NYC, right?

  38. Cornelius Says:

    What will the future cap ramifications be for Seattle? Especially if they get the 11th for Ridnour?

    No one saw Yi’s reaction?

  39. A change in the rules regarding draft picks for cash.

    NO one is going to do that for a #1…#2s are pretty much thrown around like ones at a strip club.

    if you got some kids and you dont wanna be forced to pick another one…and have to pay money…


    I saw how Yi reacted. His People said they didnt wanna go to Milwaukee cause they didnt have a large Asian/Chinese population.

  40. Cornelius Says:

    I was actually asking what the reaction was. NBA draft is not exactly high priority ESPN Latin American coverage, so I didn’t get to see.

  41. He looked like I would if they told me I would have to play in Wyoming

  42. Goodness graciousness fellas! Having all the fun while I transcribe this interview. The nerve of you people! 😉

    Yo, Seattle is gonna be SICK!

  43. DWil whassup with that erk and jerk?

  44. That’s Chester, PA for E&J bruh.

  45. Hawk Jerseys are sweet.

  46. I’m in draft mode, sorry…. remember I’m on lemonade the Erk and Jerk is for the guests….

  47. Come on SOMETHING!

  48. Thaddeus better work on his upper body strength. He’s another wide eyed talent. I hope he pays off. I wanted Wright or Thornton.

  49. […] Burton Link to Article jeff green NBA Draft Night, 2007: Black & Milds Served Here » Posted at […]

  50. the hawk jerseys are so NOT sweet.

  51. Does Detroit go guard here? Nick Young?

  52. Stucky fits. He looks Detroit.

  53. I can’t stand the NBA. But if the Bobcats draft enough Tarheels, I might just watch…

  54. Damn, Nick Young’s peeps looks like Heather Hunter.

  55. Spike’s clapping for Z-BO. Didn’t think the Knicks would give up Channing.

  56. Frye for Z-Bo? Hell yeah!…. Give Z-Bo a basketball and a lifetime Gold Club pass and the Knicks might have an All-Star next season…

  57. Belinelli looks a lot like Barry

  58. Amen Mark Jackson. You do not trade TWO Hall of Famers in Shaq and Kobe.

  59. I think I speak for all Laker fans when I say I just want the drama to be OVER:) One way or the other, just make something happen.

  60. Philly sucks. Why not Big Baby there? Who the hell is Jason Smith? Philly kills me with these tryin to put people in the stands picks that they pull off year in and year out. Sigh.

  61. Take it easy Mizzo, Big Baby could be available in the second round, and Smith has something like 6 inches on him.

  62. Gotcha Kolsky. You have to understand that I’m not playing a writer tonight..dwil’s doing a great job. I’m here as a fan. We need help right now, not in a couple of years. I want ferocity on the boards. It’s something Philly fans haven’t had since the Chuckster. That’s why I want Big Baby, who I’ve called the Battleship New Year’s Day.

    Gotta have him in Philly.

  63. Cornelius Says:

    is he from the same family as morris chestnut?

  64. Who Big Baby Corlelius? I have no idea. Could be. Why’d you say that?

  65. Mizzo –
    I totally understand your love of the Baby. He’s not just a player, he’s a super personality. I’m not sure he’ll be as tough on the boards as you hope, but he’s surprisingly spry for a big fella, and I love watching him.

  66. Cornelius Says:

    I was joking about the Morris Almond pick. Instantly made me think of Morris Chestnut.

  67. Glen needs a chip on his shoulder. This definitely would be achieved playing in fan tough Philly and also because so many GMs passed on his talent and marketability. Like Dicky V just said, he will prove many GMs wrong.

  68. Do you think Davis will be able to get his shot off regularly, Mizzo?

  69. Oh my bad. The Philly pick anger has my mind bent. Please big baby here philly please

  70. I like his energy but he’s been made to look small in some big games.

  71. Davis is going to be a player trust. Yes, he has a lot to work on, but I’m impressed with his heart.

    Billy King…God Bless you brotha. This draft better pan out.

  72. Cornelius Says:

    They play basketball in Finland?

  73. As a Kansas fan, I will be interested to see what Julian Wright will do in NO/OK. He was conspicuously absent in the Jayhawks’ tournament run this year. He has incredible skills, but seems to need to find his consistency. And some muscle.

  74. Cornelius – I’m starting to realize that they play basketball everywhere. Anyone want odds on when the first 7′ 8″ behemoth from Outer Mongolia gets drafted? I say 2009.

  75. Yeah, aiiight…as long as he’s not the second coming of Marcus Pfizer. I love his heart, but with his girth, he should be killing most of these scrawny bigs on the box. It’s time to break out the film of Moses and the Chuckster – but perhaps he should start with the Moses film – even though he’s built more like the Round Mound.

  76. Cornelius Says:

    First we need a Japanese player and then we can say everywhere.

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  78. […] Forest University Link to Article boston college NBA Draft Night, 2007: Black & Milds Served Here » Posted […]

  79. Great, he goes to our rival, Boston.

    Billy, Billy, Billy.

    Enjoy your stay up South Glen.

  80. Cornelius Says:

    Color me confused, ESPN and have Davis going to Seattle. Was this a post pick trade?

  81. Cornelius it was the completion of the Allen trade, which couldn’t be announced officially until 35th pick was made.

  82. Cornelius Says:

    How early do you think Hibbard would have gone if he stayed?

  83. Never know, but I would think he definitely would have been picked in the top five.

  84. Cornelius Says:

    Is McGuire as good of a boarder as I’m hearing?

  85. Cornelius Says:

    I’m hearing McGuire was 4th in NCAA in rebounds and a lock down defender. A couple of needs for the Wiz.

  86. i know we disagreed last week about this pick, but i gotta give you credit for the noah call, DWil. you called it, skiles gets his kind of player. people around here are already calling for pax to trade him, but i’d rather take a wait and see. if noah becomes a good enough rebounder, i think he can make ben wallace a nice trading piece, especially as far as that wierd salary matching thing the NBA has. i think atlanta really pulled a nice draft getting horford AND law…

  87. CJ Scudworth Says:

    Z-Bo and Curry? Is that a good fit?…

  88. Waiting for Lupica to diss Isiah Thomas for the Randolph trade

  89. Pm-
    Thanks. That was one of the two picks I really wanted to see work out. And I’m really happy ATL got Acie Law. However, with their glut of forwards I still feel Law should have gone at three and then take the most dead-eye two guard at #11. I just do not feel they need Horford.

  90. Ok i watch the nba draft you let out and forgot a few details

  91. Cornelius Says:

    Thanks for doing this last night, Dwil. It was a lot of fun and extremely valuable for those like me who get no tv coverage.

  92. I told you, Horford at #3, Law at #11. You don’t take Acie at 3 and miss out on all those bigs.

  93. Thanks Cornelius.

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  95. NBA Draft Night, 2007: Every Pick, Every Team

    This story has been submitted to Stirrdup. If it can generate enough interest, it will make it to the main page.

  96. Stephen Coachi Says:

    Everybody listen you better take note of my name. write it, write it good and dont loose because beleive me if there is one thing that i can swearing on its getting into the 2015 2016 or the 2017 draft. and beleive me i will get drafted

  97. StephenCoachi,

    Got it! Good luck kid. Hope your dreams are fulfilled.

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