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Memorial Day.

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This ‘aint over.

He’s never been a sympathetic figure. But many of the things he’s done have been in pursuit of becoming the best basketball player he could be, the best basketball player ever. He feels as though it’s his turn, it’s his destiny.

Kobe Bryant is going to get what he wants. He just doesn’t know where yet. Half-hearted ultimatums and retractions aside, his 48 hour media blitzkrieg effectively granted the Lakers a two year amnesty. Chip or bust. Get down or lay down. Three years after his free agency loomed over the franchise, he’s proven he’s still in control and now everyone knows it. Which is why it’s time to trade him before it’s too late.

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Dave Revsine Named Lead Big Ten Network Studio Host

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*This is a press release sent to me by Tom Wyrot of Michigan’s athletic department.

revsine_dave_m.jpgNorthwestern grad, ESPN veteran to lead network’s talent lineup.

CHICAGO, Ill. – The Big Ten Network today announced its first on-air hire, signing ESPN college sports expert Dave Revsine to be its lead studio host. The network launches in August with a programming lineup unparalleled in college sports television today, including between 350 and 400 live events as well as the nightly studio show Revsine will host. Events include football, men’s and women’s basketball, Olympic sports and a full slate of conference championship contests across all sports. The network also will produce more original HD programming than any new network in television history.

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Not Exactly a Love-fest, But…

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In a variety of ways, members of The Starting Five collective have suggested that the coverage of Barry Bonds is, at least to some extent, driven by something other than the man’s character (and, it’s noteworthy how much more highly his peers appear to think of Bonds than does the public at large). And, the coverage of Bonds, it seems to me, was almost uniformly personal and negative as he approached Babe Ruth’s mark in 2006. Perhaps that coverage was driven by the fact that the highly publicized Game of Shadows had just come out, which focused attention on Bonds’ misdeeds, his temper and ill-treatment of others and general unpleasantness as a human being.

But, as Bonds approaches the all-time home run record itself in 2007, there appears to be a somewhat different tenor to the discussion surrounding Bonds, steroid use and the sanctity of one of sports’ most hallowed records. Bonds has not become Mr. Popularity. But, a wide range of commentary over the past ten days or so has de-emphasized Bonds’ alleged cheating, and focused on the bigger picture: that, even if Bonds did cheat, he’s far from alone in having done so. And, given that fact, condemning him personally and unequivocally for the sins of, perhaps, an entire generation fo baseball players and executives, is more than a bit churlish and myopic. It may be that one reason why, according to the article linked to above, only 34% of baseball fans will recognize Bonds as the greatest homerun hitter ever after he hits No. 756, nearly three quarters of baseball players would hold him in such regard.

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Interview with Dan Le Batard

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lebatard12.jpgHere’s another head banger in our series of journalism interviews. Dan has been there, seen it all and talked to the best. He full well knows his place in the field and for the most part, I for one agree with him. There are two points of contention–the Luther Campbell and Tim Hardaway stories. I wanted to give him a chance to explain himself at length. He does just that and keeps his cool even when I try to back him into a corner regarding said incidents. Simply put, he’s one of the best who tries to keep a balanced head when he writes. Judge for yourself. I’m sure you’ll find this quite interesting.

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The Shape of the River

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Last week, Leave the Man Alone (LMA) had an interesting post about the under-representation of Blacks in the sports blogosphere. LMA pointed out that Spike Lee  had ponied up $1 million dollars to his alma mater, Morehouse college, to develop a sports journalism program that would encourage more African Americans to enter the field. As quoted by LMA, Spike Lee articulated the following reasons for endowing such a program:

I’m not going to make excuses for the Pacmans of the world, Tank Johnson and those guys.

I just think, historically, the black athlete has been demonized. If we can get our graduates into these positions with newspapers, magazines and television stations … hopefully we’ll get a more balanced view.”

LMA pointed out the low numbers of Black sports journalists:

Blacks hold only 6.2 percent of the sports writing jobs. Out of more than 300 newspapers, just five have a black sports editor. By contrast, nine out of 10 sports editors were white males, as were 84 percent of sports columnists. Still, those dire statistics don’t tell the whole story about the pipeline. For example, no insight on attrition, what types of publications Black sportswriters work at, what sports they cover and whether said writers are on track for columnist, editor or management positions.

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Deja Vu

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We just saw what we already knew.


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The Daily News’ Bob Raissman goes hard after Mike and the Mad Dog today. Yesterday, the WFN duo dismissed as unimportant a Daily News backpage headline that Jason Giambi had failed a test for amphetamines, necessitating additional testing by the embattled slugger.

Raissman called them on that:

… on the heels of Daily News investigative reporter T.J. Quinn revealing that Giambi tested positive for amphetamines, there is a new defense for his chemical transgressions.

It’s called the No Big Deal defense.

Yesterday, it was articulated on WFAN by Chris (Mad Dog) Russo and Mike Francesa. To hear them talk, the Daily News should have ignored Giambi’s positive test.

“Can the Daily News stop patting themselves on the back with Jason Giambi drug-testing scenarios on the back page,” Russo said. “Nobody that I know cares a hoot – and this includes even high school kids – about Giambi with amphetamines. It’s one thing if it’s steroids. The amphetamines thing is the biggest waste of newspaper space known to man.”

Fortunately, no editor here will ever kill a story because “no one” Russo knows will give a “hoot” about it. This isn’t the first time Dog has used his “nobody cares” line. What Russo meant to say is he doesn’t care. Nonetheless, his bold statement about “high school” kids not giving a “hoot” is an original.

Has Russo been spending his spare time lurking in high school cafeterias?

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