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The Sweet Science Takes Center Stage

Posted in Uncategorized on April 30, 2007 by Dax-Devlon Ross

 “De La Hoya/Mayweather 24/7” might be the most ingenious reality series ever produced. Imagine When We Were Kings in real time and with more twists and turns, a high-stakes version of The Contender, and a Shakespearean drama with equal elements of tragedy, history and comedy all rolled into one. The stakes couldn’t be higher or more historically significant. The stars couldn’t have been better cast for their roles. They are a true study in contrasts in everything from fighting to lifestyle. De La Hoya is the very quintessence of mainstream enterprise, American values, and the brighter side of the American dream. From his good looks to his polished mannerisms to his stable home life, De La Hoya sparkles as a perfect 21st Century stand-in for the Great White Hope. Meanwhile, his opponent, Mayweather, comes off as the latest in the long line of irascible, unpredictable balls of contradiction that have defined great black fighters dating back to Jack Johnson. He is a disciplined fighter with unmatched work ethic, and yet he is also a grotesquely puerile, vain, and gaudy young man. You genuinely want to root for him because he is a great fighter with a good heart, but then you can’t help but think his overblown ego could use a check. Even then, though, once you see where he came from, who raised him and how much of his childhood was taken from him for this thing called boxing, you see him as a child reliving the youth he never had, and you find yourself sympathizing with him all over again. Add into this already confusing mix, the father-son-uncle drama swirling around the Mayweather camp, and you start to ask yourself, is this for real? Am I really watching this insanity unfold before my eyes? It is, though, and you are.

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