Steroids in baseball? And some basketball notes….

The Sixth Man: SML will on occasion sub-in for one of the starting five, give them a quick breather.


The big sports story today is the NFL draft. This is good fortune for MLB, as the story here in New York is that a former Mets employee, one Kirk “Murdoch” Radomski, pleaded guilty to distributing steroids to former (and maybe current?) major leaguers. Radomski didn’t have a big role with the team – he worked his way up from batboy to laundry guy – but he may become the center of the biggest story in baseball this season. Or he may just fade away, since he apparently has no connection to Barry Bonds….

From the released court documents:

Beginning in approximately 1995 and continuing through until December 14, 2005 when a search warrant was executed at my residence, I distributed anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, including Human Growth Hormone and Clenbuterol, asas well as amphetamines, to dozens of current and former Major League Baseball players (on teams spread throughout Major League Baseball) and associates. I deposited the payments for those anabolic steroids into my personal bank account and I then used the proceeds to finance my residence, which was the base of operation, warehouse, and communication center for my anabolic steroid-dealing business.

I don’t want to speculate on who he might have been distributing steroids to, but one name that instantly popped into my mind that I’ve always suspected of steroid use is Lenny Dykstra. I could continue to speculate, but the larger point is this: Will the press put the effort into finding the names, doing the leg work, and attempting to incriminate athletes like they did with Barry Bonds? Who is going to go Games of Shadows on this story? Or is it not worth the effort when Barry Bonds is not involved?…


Some NBA Playoff Notes:

The Warriors stomped the Mavs yesterday, taking a 2-1 lead in the best-of-seven series. Jason Richardson dropped 30, and Baron Davis’ 24 points, but in my opinion it was Steve Jackson that was the key. He lead the team in assists with 6 (a little sloppy, with 3 TOs), and he was bringing the ball up a surprising amount, which kept Dallas from being able to focus on clamping Baron Davis down too much.

As a side note, probably NBA MVP Dirk Nowitzski is now in the same position as TSF’s MVP choice, Kobe Bryant. The only difference being that Dirk has home field advantage, a better set of teammates, and is playing a weaker team (no matter how highly you think of the Warriors, the Suns are objectively better). It’s too early to write off Dirk (or Kobe), but it is interesting to note….

Speaking of the Lakers, one quick note on end of that Game 3 victory against the Suns. As time was running out, Lamar Odom grabbed a rebound, and lobbed a pass down the court that Smush Parker caught. He then went up to try to put an unneccesary exclamation point dunk down, but was fouled hard by Raja Bell. Not a flagrant, just a hard foul with time expiring that sent the message that you won’t be showboating on us. Smush just got up and hit his free throws and that was that. It’s worth noting that while Smush was out of line for thinking of dunking when he should just have dribbled out the clock, at least he didn’t react to Raja Bell’s foul as if he was a victim. Compare and contrast to a notable incident in the NBA this season – the Knicks-Nuggets fight….


6 Responses to “Steroids in baseball? And some basketball notes….”

  1. It WILL be interesting to see where the steroid trail ends. Of course, the entire thing is a sham as the perfectly legal creatine and certain amino acid supplements give as much ability to pack on muscle as steroids do.

    The incident at the end of the Lakers/Suns game didn’t quite play out as you say. There was a foul called, but after confering, the officials said the foul was after the clock expired and there were no shots awarded.

    I thought it interesting that that punk Mike D’antoni was upset about Smush’s attempt given the fact that he had his starters in the game when they were up by 30, shooting trey’s late in game 2. And also given Steve Nash kissing his scrawney ass biceps during the rout. Yeah, I wish Smush had slammed the ball and I hope we embarass those chumps the rest of the way. They are officially my most despised team.

  2. stopmikelupica Says:

    KevDog – you are right about the free throws and foul being waived off – I didn’t stick around to see the discussion, so I just assumed that Smush would shoot some free throws. Obviously I got that wrong. Good point, thanks.

  3. Like Kd says, it will be very interesting to see what develops. The same San Diego snake saliva scrutiny better rear it’s turnaboutisfairplay head here.

    HNIC and I just had a conversation about the Mavs/Warriors. Stephen Jackson–like you said–is doin’ the damn thing.

    Has there ever been a year where the MVP choice is so obsure? Dirk had me fooled in an interview I recently conducted with J.A. Adande:

  4. SML-
    Thanks for comin’ off the bench to hit some key buckets….

    If you notice, this bust happened two years ago – and it’s was performed by BALCO investigators. This whole episode stems from the Arizona Diamondback’s pitcher who refused to wear a wire and attempt to induce Bonds to buy steroids (same investigators). I’m sure that the same type of, ‘you wear the wire and try to get Bonds and we’ll give you immunity’ deal was offered to this dude.


    …On Phoenix…. D’Antoni’s whining wears real thin after awhile. To riff off KevDog, It’s cool for him to play his starters midway through the 4th quarter up 30, but not okay for Smush to go in for a dunk.

    Phil needs to put someone expendable into the game and drop Nash, Barbosa, Marion, and Bell every time they enter the lane with the ball; go for the ball put make sure they hit the floor. That’ll put an end to all this junk. Because they’ll get up in someone’s face but they won’t venture into the lane again. Let D’An-phony complain about THAT.

  5. ….and Dykstra admitted to his steroid use…

  6. Johnny U Says:

    the NFL still has a bigger steroids problem then MLB but it goes unreported and uninvestigated.

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