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Steroids in baseball? And some basketball notes….

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The Sixth Man: SML will on occasion sub-in for one of the starting five, give them a quick breather.


The big sports story today is the NFL draft. This is good fortune for MLB, as the story here in New York is that a former Mets employee, one Kirk “Murdoch” Radomski, pleaded guilty to distributing steroids to former (and maybe current?) major leaguers. Radomski didn’t have a big role with the team – he worked his way up from batboy to laundry guy – but he may become the center of the biggest story in baseball this season. Or he may just fade away, since he apparently has no connection to Barry Bonds….

From the released court documents:

Beginning in approximately 1995 and continuing through until December 14, 2005 when a search warrant was executed at my residence, I distributed anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, including Human Growth Hormone and Clenbuterol, asas well as amphetamines, to dozens of current and former Major League Baseball players (on teams spread throughout Major League Baseball) and associates. I deposited the payments for those anabolic steroids into my personal bank account and I then used the proceeds to finance my residence, which was the base of operation, warehouse, and communication center for my anabolic steroid-dealing business.

I don’t want to speculate on who he might have been distributing steroids to, but one name that instantly popped into my mind that I’ve always suspected of steroid use is Lenny Dykstra. I could continue to speculate, but the larger point is this: Will the press put the effort into finding the names, doing the leg work, and attempting to incriminate athletes like they did with Barry Bonds? Who is going to go Games of Shadows on this story? Or is it not worth the effort when Barry Bonds is not involved?…


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Butkus Award Winner Patrick Willis: Love and Desire

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I’ve done many interviews and not many have touched me emotionally like this one has. I honestly could feel myself welling up as Patrick described what he’s been going through with the recent death of his brother Detris. I thought deeply about this interview long after because Patrick and I connected through our similar experiences. I shared with him how the death of my mother has affected me over the years to try to give him some perspective on what life is truly like when you lose someone dear. Detris himself was a great 218 pound linebacker prospect who lost his life when his body cramped up while swimming in a local quarry. Patrick is a great kid. He’s a smart kid.  He’s a humble kid that has been through it all and is much more wise as a result. Don’t get it twisted, he will be one of the best. He’s set his sights early on the Pro Football Hall of Fame and is deeply focused.  Patrick is a  ferocious hitter that will terrorize offensive schemes for years to come. Here’s an interview from earlier in the college football season.

patrick-willis.jpgMT: Describe your talent and what separates you from other linebackers.

PW: I’m silent. I don’t go out there and talk trash. I let my play do the talking. My range is really what gives me the edge over a lot of players.

MT: What drives you?

PW: I really couldn’t say one thing. There are so many things in my life that have shaped who I am. If I just thought of one thing, I’d be leaving out so much.

MT: I heard that. Honest answer. Try to focus on one.

PW: I want to be the best. I will never settle for average or one of the best. To be the best, you have to do anything and everything to become the best. I will be the best.

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