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I confess I am intrigued by sockgate. On it’s own, it’s a non-story. I find it implausible that Schilling would deliberatly put paint on his sock, as if the drama of his pitching at all in Game Six in 2004 couldn’t stand on its own. Of course, we live in a media culture that has been thoroughly pro-wrestlingified: from introductory graphics, to constant background music, to staged attitude, it seems as though media organizations simply do not trust that the story itself is ever enough to hold the audience’s attention: that everything, no matter how inherently dramatic or compelling, must be produced, stage-managed. As in all else, so too in sports coverage hyped and over-dramatization are the rule, not the exception. It’s in that environment that one could actually entertain the possibility that Schilling’s dramatic Game six performance against the Yankees in 2004 would need a little extra juice, a little kick.

So, that’s one part of the story that I find worthy of chewing on. The other part of the story that is noteworthy is Schilling’s own role in fanning its flames. Lots of celebs, including pro athletes, have their own blogs. But, for someone interested in sports media, what’s distinctive about Schilling’s blog is that it is framed, in part, as an explicit antidote to the failings of sports media. In his criticism of Shaughnessy for his various misrepresentations, and Murray Chass, for being out-of-date in his understanding of baseball statistics, Schilling’s blog has sent the message that he’s writing, in part, because the sports media has failed to do its job.

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Jemele Hill Part 3: 24 is better than 23

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I have to personally apologize for the delay of part three. I simply have no excuse so I won’t cowardly use one. This conversation is more of a precusor for an interview DWil and I conducted with Scoop Jax that will be posted Monday entitled Vantage Point.

Read the first part one of Jemele’s interview again and notice that Jemele was the first to alert the sports world regarding Don Imus’ now infamous comments. We also discuss her knighting 24 as a better player than 23. That column sparked a mini controversy that she backs up her very eloquently here. Jemele is simply a journalistic force–not in a couple of years–but right now. Open your perspective to change and I assure you, it will be duly noted. She will be a voice of dissent in a white male dominated field that desperately needs adaptation. She’s not a female kicker, but a strong armed quarterback with the keys to an entire gender.

Could you handle the scrutiny?

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Silly Recruiter, Texts Are For Kids

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The Division 1 Board of Directors voted 13-3 yesterday to place a moratorium on text messaging as a recruiting tactic. It will go into effect on August 1st. Personally, I prefer the term “moratorium” to “ban” because in all likelihood the issue isn’t dead, only muzzled, for now. Though less stringent proposals had been on the table – strict 4pm-8pm time limits on school days and 8am-8pm limits on weekends– the board voted to get rid of text messaging all together in large part because “student athletes expressed some problems” over the number and frequency of the messages they were receiving from college recruiters. One unnamed recruit told of receiving 52 texts while he was sleeping. A barrage of calls by a Penn State defensive coordinator prompted one aggravated kid to say to him, ‘Why are you calling me? You’re not my girlfriend. I’ll see you at practice.’

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