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From Sports Illustrated

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A heads up: Jeff Pearlman has graciously agreed to be interviewed for TSF. I’ll have that interview up in the next day or two.

<>Two items of note from the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated:

<>1) Sally Jenkins has a terrific story about the Carlisle Indian School, the extraordinary institution for Native Americans that produced Jim Thorpe and, according to Jenkins’ title: “The Team that Invented Football.” Though Jenkins doesn’t use the phrase, Carlisle’s coach, the legendary Pop Warner, applied Moneyball principles nearly a century before that term entered popular parlance. Faced with a small student population and saddled with overwhelming resource constraints, the leverage that Warner found was the incredible speed and adaptability of his charges, which he parlayed into football’s first vertically-oriented offensive attack. Jenkins explains that, under Warner’s tutelage, “Carlisle mastered an astounding array of trick plays – reverses, end arounds, flea-flickers – and forward passes.” In carrying out such innovations in order to compensate for the fact that Carlisle’s team was giving up more than thirty pounds per player to the elite football schools, like Army and Harvard, Warner and Carlisle “transformed a plodding, brutal college sport into the fact intricate game we know today.”

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‘Round the Web

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The First Hip-Hop Hooper?

Master P’s son, Lil Romeo apparently has some game. According to the juvenile hip-hop star cum Nickelodeon darling, he’ll be playing hoops at USC in two years. If he actually suits up for the Trojans he will become the first ever major hip-hopper turned college basketball player. Ma$e, Cam’ron and The Game are among the list of rappers who allegedly had D-1 skills. Master P actually tried out for a couple of NBA teams several years ago. The list of ballers who’ve attempted to make rap careers includes Chris Webber – who actually produced a track on Nas’s Hip-Hop is Dead – former pro Dana Barrows, Allen Iverson, Kobe, Shaq, and most recently Tony Parker! Yes, you heard me correctly. A few weeks ago, the future Tony Longoria released a hip-hop album that is available in France.

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Denver-San Antonio Game Notes

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Uh-oh, don’t look now but the TSF prediction (Denver in seven) might be coming true. Even though every single ESPN expert picked the Spurs in six, Denver looked like a team on a mission tonight. Doug Collins’ analysis was right on when he noted that San Antonio had never actually seen this Denver team. In fact, no one has really seen this team. Watching Denver tonight was like watching that kid you always knew had potential finally show and prove. At times they were scary good tonight, and they still weren’t as good as they can be. They were everything we thought they could be which was everything the experts believed they couldn’t be, and they’re just beginning to hit their stride. I feel for San Antonio, but this is good for the league.

Although Iverson and Anthony combined for 61, it was they way they scored that was most impressive. Anthony came out sizzling, hitting Ginobli (or was it Finley– they were so far out of the picture once Melo was done I couldn’t tell) with a quick double cross, hesitation at the foul line that was just plain ridiculous, then had the nerve to throw it down in traffic. The kid announced early and often that the last three playoffs were just that: the last three.

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