#2 Cleveland Cavaliers vs #7 Washington Wizards Series Preview

wizards fans worse night terrorCrickets. We all know the sound. Do you find it amazing that that sound can also be associated with a NBA playoff series that could have ignited a one on one rivalry for years to come? Gilbert get up bruh! Join the party! It just ain’t the same without Gilberto Gil raining one handed jumpers–falling out of bounds mind you–while almost being consumed by the shadow of The King.

What to look for: Constant images of Caron and Gilbert fixing their ties and fake smilin’ on the bench next to a LeBron James hatin’ Eddie Jordan. Also, imagine a late game Bron Bron glancing left and right as he steps to the charity stripe–paranoid that Arenas is gonna whisper a payback in his ear making him miss. It’s a shame that the latter won’t happen. For all the old heads out there, remember Julius Erving and Marques Johnson (Bucks) battling in the playoffs every year with the Sixers always victorious? I guess what could have been will have to wait one more year.

Gilbert? You up yet?

Strengths and Weaknesses: The Wizards are an abysmal shell of themselves. Without the firepower of Arenas and Butler, expect to see Washington on the losing end of LBJ led blowouts–scoring in the sixties. Antawn Jamison will have to average 40+ over the course of the series for the Wizards to have a chance. Etan Thomas, Brendan Haywood, Andray Blatche (who?) and others will have to deliver perfect performances just to not get booed out of their own gym.

Larry Hughes, who has not been the same player since his younger brother Justin’s death, hopefully will use this second season to become the player most thought he would earlier in his career. There’s really not much else to say here because obviously LeBron is going to fill it up with his usual 30, 7 and 7. Even as a two seed, the Cavs are stealthly under the radar as most pundits overhype the land of Dirk and Nash. People, the regular season means nothing.

Could this be the year The King claims his throne? Imagine a LBJ 23, Chicago Craig Ehlo get back. Yeah, I know, just a dream.

Prediction: Unless miraculously Gilbert gets up to continuously hear me whine, Cavs in 5.


3 Responses to “#2 Cleveland Cavaliers vs #7 Washington Wizards Series Preview”

  1. maxairington Says:

    Has a whole city ever taken a collective gasp like Cleveland did today? Better watch that ankle…

  2. Yeah, especially after this post, I was one to gasp also MA….Imagine that! The story lines would have been crazy.

  3. […] when I previewed this series last year Gilbert was on the bench suited up with Caron Butler on the outside looking […]

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