Sebastian Telfair Arrested on Gun Charge; Bernard McGuirk Gone

telfair7.jpgSebastian Telfair was arrested after speeding early this morning (4 a.m.) in Westchester, NY. Officers clocked Telfair’s 2006 Land Rover at 77 mph in a 45 mph zone. Searching the vehicle, officers found a loaded .45-caliber hangun under the front passenger seat. He and his passenger, Al Eden Fuentes, of Queens were then charged with felony second degree possession of a weapon. Telfair was also charged with misdemeanor driving with a suspended license. Both men are to be arraigned later today.


Bernard McGuirk, the long time producer of the Don Imus Show was summarily fired – finally, I might editorialize – for his contribution to the Imus-Rutger’s Women’s Basketball team shenanigans. One can only wonder what Sid Rosenberg of the 790 The Ticket show and the third member of the radio racist holy trinity is thinking about now. (dwil)


2 Responses to “Sebastian Telfair Arrested on Gun Charge; Bernard McGuirk Gone”

  1. vicki nikitin Says:

    Lets hope Bernie sues also. This whole farce is wrong and brought on by that coach and Sharpton, the black Joe McCarthy

  2. No, Vicki. Don Imus initiated his undoing by speaking out of his ass.

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