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The Sacrificial Sex Fiend

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Nearly a year ago a juvenile court in Plainfield, New Jersey found Reggie Dixon guilty of aggravated sexual assault against his teenage steps-sister. Because of the statutory nature of the crime, the prosecution’s failure to disprove consent beyond a shadow of a doubt was irrelevant. Dixon’s punishment: psychological treatment, fines and penalties and mandatory sex offender registration.

Rutgers football coach Greg Schiano knew all of this when he signed Dixon on March 31st. Plainfield, Dixon’s hometown, is about as populated as Rutgers’ New Brunswick-Piscataway campus, and is only a fifteen minute drive away. What Coach Schiano knew better, though, was how close Rutgers came to joining the elite BCS Bowl clique this past winter, how high the expectations are going into this year, and, most importantly Dixon’s 40-yard dash time: 4.35.

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On Joe Crawford and Tim Duncan

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The Sixth Man: SML will on occasion sub-in for one of the starting five, give them a quick breather.


There is no debate on referee Joe Crawford’s just announced suspension from basketball. One just has to watch the video of an incredulous Tim Duncan sitting on the bench, first laughing at another ridiculous call, then completely shocked at being tee’d up and ejected from about 30 feet away. Crawford’s history of questionable officiating and ethics has already been covered in detail by this site in the last post.

Of course, the bigger issue, and there is one, is renegade officiating in general. Well, “renegade” if you believe it’s not pre-organized; regardless of whether you are a person who believes that sometimes refs act as if they are above the game, or whether you are a person who believes those refs are acting as part of a deeper conspiracy, the point is we have all seen bad refereeing. Anyone that has ever played sports of any kind, at any level (professional, amateur or recreational), has had a run-in at some point with a referee who was power-tripping, or worse. But this is becoming a very big issue in major sports right now.
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